Getting reviews on a website speaks a lot about your business. In the travel niche, as of July 2019, the most patronized travel agency released a statistic that the high number of reviews dropped on their website has helped them gain the heart of more people. Making their services more accessible and bringing in more customers. However, there is no how people will not travel from one place to the other, so for any new or existing travel agency who wants to gain the heart of the public. Getting a useful review is now a must. Here are the reasons why Reviews are so essential to travel companies.

Trusted and accurate reviews: based on research, more people have testified that before they make use of any travel agency, they go to their review portal to see if they can read about people’s comments. With that, most people go-ahead to do business with the travel agency based on their reviews and confidently plan the trip that is right for them.

Customers are always right: this slogan has helped a lot of travel agencies sit tight and be very diligent with their business. Making customers happy is one thing that gives them the confidence to transact with you and leave a useful review. In cases, when customers feel like they want to cancel their trip due to one circumstance or the other. The moment they can have back their money, then customers are always right has come to play. They will be happy and would like to leave a useful review on your website.

People trust people: customer review is go-to source information. With the look of things, 72% of customers at first read reviews first to know if the travel company they are dealing with is the same as it used to be or things have changed. As they read reviews, they will be able to know if the company has new services on board as against what they used to do before. It is a sign to show that they have upgraded.

Why do people write a review?

The above-explained research has all the qualities of a travel agency that also deals in the hotel reservation, Onyx Hospitality Group. If you want to read about Onyx Hospitality Group, you can visit their website for more information about them. However, people write a review because of some reasons. If you ask most travelers why they write reviews, most say they just wanted to share their experiences with fellow travelers so they can have an updated mind about the travel company they are about to patronize.

Note that review writing by customers is not an avenue to show grievances because showing grievances on the review platform is meaningless, and that will not help the company grow. If a customer wants to show claims, they would instead contact the customer service of the company and not write a review. But if they are not well cared for, they write a review about their dissatisfaction although they got the value of their money.