Which technology will be in demand in the future? | by Eraj Fatima | Feb, 2024

Which technology will be in demand in the future?

In the modern era, technology is evolving with time and is making the world a global village. However, during the 21st century’s pandemic of COVID-19, people realized that the role of IT professionals in modern technology was constantly reducing.

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Even before COVID-19, modern technology was growing rapidly. But, after this pandemic, a rapid evolution is seen in modern technology which makes it necessary to gain awareness about which technology will be in demand in the future.

As we know, technology is continuously evolving, the question comes of how can a person use the latest technologies and which skills are needed. The answer is to get awareness about the latest technology and remain in touch with the incoming technologies.

Although the machines and latest technology take priority over human labor, it has been estimated that about 85 million jobs will be displaced by emerging technology by 2025 and about 100 million new jobs may emerge. As new jobs are being produced, to avail these jobs humans should develop skills in the latest technologies. In this blog, I compiled some latest technologies that will be in demand in the future. These are.

1. Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence is the ability of computer systems to perform tasks that usually require human intelligence. It is the intelligence of machines. The AI experts use this strategy to build machines that work like humans. It was first discovered in the 1950s and till now a lot of work has been done on it which made it the most in-demand technology in the future.

Artificial Intelligence helps humans in decision-making and problem-solving and also benefits in many other fields like recognizing the demand for a service etc. Now, AI has developed efficiency in speech and image identification like, “Siri” which helps humans to get quick solutions to their problems.

Studies showed that AI has become a need for humans. It will increase the world GDP by 15.7 trillion dollars by 2030. Thus, by 2030, the AI assistant population will be more than humans in the world. This makes AI the latest technology now and in the future.

2. Cloud computing and cloud engineering

Cloud computing is the delivery of IT resources over the internet from a cloud service provider. It gives users access to IT resources on their demand without buying these technologies. The user should have to pay a monthly bill or subscription for using these technologies. The person who makes plans and manages the cloud technology of an organization is called a cloud engineer.

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Clouds provide access to store more data as compared to other technologies. The latest study showed that by 2025, there will be over 100 zettabytes (1 zettabyte is a billion terabytes) of data stored in clouds which will be half of the total global data in the same year.

Cloud computing and engineering together have a benefit in making decisions and solving problems of an organization. They help in increasing the productivity of an organization and also reduce its costs. Within the past few years, well-organized companies have continuously hired professionals with expertise in cloud computing. So, their companies worked more efficiently with better security. This leads to the demand for these skills in the future as well.

3. UX designer

UX stands for “user experience”. UX design determines the experience, a user undergoes, while utilizing the service or products such as websites, machines, or even an electric beater.

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A UX designer makes it possible that the experience of users while utilizing the products or services could be enjoyable and useful.

As the world is now growing digitally, a UX designer helps companies, websites, and even products with a user-friendly interface. In this way, people get a better experience of the products and services. It is now important in every field. Even in hospitals, a UX designer helps people with a user experience design of digital medical equipment or treatments so that they get better and free of fear experience.

A recent study showed that every $1 invested in UX design results in a $100 return. It shows that UX design is the most in-demand technology now and even in the future. There are chances that a company or website with no UX design will be underrated. Therefore, this technology is necessary for the growth and progress of a company or website.

4. Cyber security

The process that involves the protection of digital data of websites, digital programs, and systems from hackers is called cyber security. Almost all the businesses in the world have become remote since the COVID-19 pandemic. Thus, the protection of data from digital attackers is the major concern of all businesses in the online world even if these are small or large.

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Moreover, the common people are also at risk of loss of their data from online platforms by hackers. The hackers then blackmail them and earn money. Thus, in such a situation, cyber security helps people in the protection of their data. This in-demand skill is also offering six-figure income to its experts. Every employee of the office should have a little information on cyber security to protect the data of the office.

Cyber security is the most in-demand skill now and even in the future. Studies have shown that there were about 1.1 million employees in cyber security in U.s in 2022. And according to the US Bureau of Labor and Services, their demand will increase by 35% by 2031.

5. Blockchain

The term “Blockchain” consists of two words; ‘block’ and ‘chain’. It can be defined as the formation of a chain by the constant addition of the blocks of information in specific data. Blockchain offers security in crypto-currencies and many other fields as no one can alternate data in it. In blockchain, only information is added and not taken away or removed.

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Unaltered blocks of information in blockchain offer security in many ways to businesses in the online world and make a chain of blocks of information. A blockchain expert can scale up in many fields such as technology architecture, front-end engineering, risk analysis, etc.

Recent studies showed that the blockchain market will reach $67.4 billion by 2026. And from 2022 to 2030, this technology industry is predicted to grow at a rate of 85.9% CAGR. Thus, it shows that blockchain is the most demanding technology now and also in the future with a lot of job resources.

Bottom line

After the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become necessary to learn the latest technology skills for better living in the future. Briefly, it can be said that by getting knowledge about the latest technologies like blockchain, artificial intelligence, and cryptocurrency, a person can avail the best job in the future for a better living.


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