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The best deepfake examples continue to amaze us, whilst also raising concerns about whether we can be sure what’s real. Over a few short years, technology like AI and deepfaking has advanced to the point where it’s becoming really quite difficult to see the flaws in these creations. They used to all have that ‘uncanny valley’ feel that made it obvious that what we were looking at isn’t real, but we’ve seen increasingly convincing deepfake examples in the last year or so.

Deepfakes have been used for various purposes, mainly for entertainment and parody, but what actually is a deepfake? At the most basic level, a deepfake is a video that uses impressive technology to replace one person’s likeness with that of another. Scroll down for a more in-depth dive into deepfakes, and for more on the wider phenomenon of AI-generated imagery, see our guide to how to use DALL-E 2 and how the best AI art generators compare.

The best deepfake examples

01. Deepfaked Nicki Minaj and Tom Holland

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