Stakeholders Brainstorm On Fostering Education Technology In Africa

Experts from different ecosystems of education and technology sector across Africa converged to proffer solutions to the challenges of educational technology in Africa.

They converged at the 5th edition of the African Edu-tech Conference held recently in Lagos.

Sam Adeyemi, Chairman, Schools and Education Committee stated that several micro and macro challenges thwart the success of educational technology adoption in Africa.

Adeyemi and other experts who spoke on the theme, ‘Leveraging Collaboration and Partnership For EdTech Growth In Africa, noted that “the challenges affecting adoption of edu-tech range from personal, to community, cultural, infrastructural, policies, inadequate training for teachers to fully implement the technology in classrooms, amongst others.

For his part, Ray Atelly, president and chairman of the council of NBCC noted that there was a considerable untapped potential for transforming education through technology. Governments and policymakers play a major role in creating an enabling environment for EDTECH collaborations and partnerships.

“This underscores the advantages of pooling together the expertise, resources, and networks of various stakeholders, including governments, educational institutions, private organizations, and technology companies, in leveraging financial and technological resources to foster sustainable growth in educational technology.

“According to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)s Global Education Monitoring Report, the fast pace of change in technology is putting strain on education systems to adapt.

“Countries are starting to define the digital skills they want to prioritize in curricula and assessment standards. but often these have been defined by non-state, mostly commercial, actors. Many students do not have much chance to practice with digital technology in schools.

“Even in the world’s richest countries, only about 10% of 15-year-old students use digital devices for more than an hour per week in mathematics and science. Teachers often feel unprepared and lack confidence in teaching with technology.”

Chinyere Emeruwa,  Assistant General Manager at Skoolmedia stated that learning and different methods of learning were being changed and adapted rapidly and they have to embrace the change as innovation is the order of the day.

“The world of education is undergoing a profound transformation, and it is our collective responsibility to embrace these changes and shape the future of learning.

“At Skoolmedia, we are committed to leveraging technology to bridge the educational divide and empower the next generation with knowledge and skills for success. With creative innovations like Exam Padi and more, we are looking at a promising future.


“The landscape of education is ever-evolving, and so is our commitment to staying at the forefront of these changes,” Emeruwa posited.




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