NexOptic Technology (NXO.V): patented video compression could be the next big thing

NexOptic Technology (NXO.V) is a Canadian company specializing in artificial intelligence (AI) and image processing technologies that has been making strides in the field of video compression. The company’s CEO, Paul McKenzie, recently spoke in a video interview about NexOptic’s patented video compression technology, NexCompress™, and why investors should be interested in the company.

NexCompress™, part of NexOptic’s All Light Intelligent Imaging Solutions (ALIIS™) suite of AI technologies, offers the potential to significantly reduce the costs associated with cloud operations, streaming, and other global entities while simultaneously reducing their carbon footprint. This technology has garnered interest from several globally influential companies within the semiconductor and cloud provider industries, and discussions with these companies have the potential to lead to commercialization and collaboration agreements.

McKenzie highlighted the fact that, despite facing some operational challenges in 2022, NexOptic managed to achieve significant improvements to its core technology, including AI performance upgrades and more effective cost-cutting capabilities for customers. The company also made several strong team additions in 2022, including Joel Sutherland, who has two decades of Wall Street experience, as well as Wayne Cho, a Chartered Professional Accountant and Chartered Accountant who has guided clients both large and small across many industries and geographic regions.

In addition to its team additions and technology advancements, NexOptic completed a private placement financing of $2.2 million in 2022, with strong participation from its management team and board members. The company is optimistic about its future and is focused on advancing its NexCompress™ technology, which could potentially be in extremely strong demand in virtually any economic climate.

NexOptic’s ALIIS™ suite of AI technologies provides significant energy savings, data compression, and enhancements to images and videos from the edge to the cloud. ALIIS™ also enables faster shutter speeds, superior resolution and sharpness, reduced image-noise and motion-blur, and enhanced image color and detail. NexCompress™, which falls under the ALIIS™ umbrella, offers a fundamental “AI for AI” layer that supercharges downstream AI performance.

Investors should take note of NexOptic Technology’s advancements in video compression technology and its potential to deliver significant cost savings while reducing the carbon footprint of global entities. With several major initiatives completed in 2022 and commercialization advancements expected in 2023 and beyond, NexOptic Technology is poised for growth and success.

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