“I am sorry:” Linus posts an apology video addressing the Linus Tech Tips controversy

Linus Tech Tips took to their channel to discuss all the negative comments and controversy created around inaccuracies in the uploaded videos, poor quality control, workplace harassment, and others. Multiple members from Linus’ team, including their newly appointed CEO Terrence Tong and other higher-ups, spoke on how the company will go transparent and publish more of its data online for the community to check and verify.

They also confirmed that moving forward, video publishing frequency will be reduced. The Chief Vision Officer (CVO), Linus Sebastian, said :

“I am sorry,”

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in a tone completely different from the forum post he published yesterday. The new video is more apologetic and involves the company accepting its shortcomings and errors.

In the video, Linus commented on the Billet Labs situation and explained how miscommunication led to the auctioning off of the Monoblock designed to keep the RTX 3090 Ti and a CPU cool simultaneously. He mentioned the company offered full compensation without any questions asked to help Billet recover losses.

What is changing at Linus Tech Tips?


Starting this week, Linus and his team have announced multiple changes to their production and testing line that will positively impact the quality of posts going forward. Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Yvonne Ho has announced that LMG will cut down on the number of videos published each week. Extra attention will be put into making their content more accurate and polished.

Gary Key, head of LTT Labs, discussed in depth the transparency issues that were raised with the testing of hardware. Going forward, all data will be made open-source and published on LTT Forums for the community to check out. In addition, he also mentioned better quality control will be introduced to prevent inaccurate charts and graphs from spilling into a video.

Overall, Linus Tech Tips is a huge outlet, and it needed a revamp, especially following all the revelations, especially the disturbing MindChop and Madison Reeve incidents.

Linus Tech Tips is going on an eight-day pause from working on any new content. The company will spend the next week discussing new production and transparency processes. This will usher in a new era of LMG that could benefit the company, fellow tech reviewers, and the community.

Edited by Ritoban “Veloxi” Paul

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