How Technology Development Affects the Privacy Law

by Analytics Insight

January 13, 2022

Here is how technology is affecting the privacy law

How is technology affecting our privacy? How do privacy laws relate to information technology? Don’t you think these are some major and common concerns of every individual out there? Of course, it is!! So, to gather more knowledge on how technology development affects privacy law, let’s dive into the following segments one after another.

The US Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts in Riley v. California stated:

“The fact that technology now allows an individual to carry such information in his hand does not make the information any less worthy of the protection for which the Founders fought”

So, let’s start diving in to know more about how technology development affects privacy law.


How Does Technology Affect Privacy?

Now, as per the ACLU, the digital appearances carry much more data of the individual including the intimate aspects of their life. And whenever the government gets access to the information, it is not just the privacy, but an individual losing control over their information too.

So, as a result, the aspects like equality, security, and free speech get affected the most.

The Grand Valley State University Scholar Works mentioned in the study that the NSA, i.e., National Security is an organization that helped in code-breaking during World War 1 and 2. Likewise, it has shown growth in the terms of funding and staff.

After the 9/11 attacks, the organization was permitted for spying on the citizens of America without any warrant. This turns to be the agitation quite a bit more than the Alexander 5 controversy.

The NSA was seen to gather the surveillance powers deprived continuously and secretly given back later. So, it seems like the NSA spies domestically or abroad without the public parboil. Also, the NSA was seen spying on the foreign leader.

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Privacy And Technology Issues


Did you know that Facebook and Google are the two major players considering the same objective and tactics?

Well, these companies offer various services free of charge to the users. Hence, what could be the primary source of revenue for them? Well, it is selling the information of the users to the advertisers.

Basically, these firms can easily track the giant database that has been filled with the information of the user along with the user’s traffic. Furthermore, they sell out the information for an immense amount of profit.

But, Google and Facebook are not the only companies with common objectives and tactics, as the list is huge. But when user privacy is discussed, these two major players came to the forefront.

Apart from looking at the various companies involved in revealing the privacy of the individual, now let’s check out what are the major current issues that are related to privacy and technology? Well, these are:


Location Tracking

If the mobile phone is turned on, the phone will automatically register the positions of the cell towers every few minutes.

So, the mobile carriers hold the data regarding the location of their customers but the government officials at the same time can acquire the private information anytime without a warrant from the judge.

Apart from this, with the help of other location tracking technologies, the information can be gathered by the government that can reveal or disclose the tremendous deal related to you, i.e., every single piece of information on where you are, where you went in the past.


Medical and Genetic Privacy

It is important to keep every record of your health private as genetic or medical information can release private or personal data. Hence, keeping control over such information is decisive.

The menaces to autonomy and privacy escalate as genetic sequencing is becoming cheaper and faster along with the medical records getting digitized.


National ID

The proposals have been developed after several decades for setting up the national identification system. Also, it has included the different forms like the E-Verify national employment database and uniform license of the drivers. But all experiences the same imperfections as:

  • They would be impotent.
  • They would provide a new approach to ethnic and racial profiling.
  • They would create a system of the internal passport that would further endanger civil and private liberties.


Internet Privacy

It has now become easier for corporations and governments to acquire the online activities minutiae through the new technologies which are making the procedure effortless.

The corporation can now easily pile up the information of the individual for selling it to the highest bidder. Whereas, at the same point, the outdated privacy and the surveillance setups further allows the governments to monitor the people like never before.


Surveillance Technologies

Welcome to the world and age of dramatic technological progress. But wait, this isn’t bad! It has offered many advantages and amenities but at the same time, it has given a route to surveillance technologies and other new rash spying.

It further adds to the location tracking technologies, imaging devices, communications eavesdropping systems, and other means for collecting the granular data of the individual.


Workplace Privacy

It is absolutely true that for ensuring productivity and efficiency at the workplace, the employer gets the authorized interest in supervising the work.

The employee surveillance proceeds better beyond the legal management concerns and also becomes the simpler spying for the no legal business interest.

The emergence of the unprecedented and plutonic level of workplace surveillance can be easily seen in the electronic monitoring of employees


Let’s Recapitulate

Did you know that technological innovation has now surmounted the protection of our privacy, and because of this the corporations, the government can easily track the footprints?

Gathering the personal information of the individual without their consent is increasing and at the same time becoming the huge cause for a triggering alarm.

Hence, the merger of technology and privacy is somewhere affecting the privacy laws and likewise, it is important to have some security measures for the people.

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