Haute Tequila Brand 21 Seeds Is The Fashion Scene’s Drink Of Choice

Fashion and booze have always intertwined. Just look at how Grand Marnier has partnered with New York Fashion Week or when Absolut Vodka staged a sustainable runway at London Fashion Week.

It makes sense, as the cocktail hour has practically become its own runway show. Buzzy fashion designers have the power to sway the fashion crowd to one booze brand or another—especially when complimentary drinks are at play during their cocktail soirées.

In fact, fashion designer Vera Wang has her own line of vodka with Chopin, and beachwear brand Tommy Bahama has its own line of spirits, too. And now, one haute tequila brand 21 Seeds is popping up all over the fashion scene—whether it’s store openings, VIP parties, or fashion week events hosted by designers like Kidsuper, Dion Lee, Rebecca Vallance and most recently at the Bronx & Banco party at New York Fashion Week.

Salma Hayek recently posted on Instagram where a bottle of 21 Seeds sits on her kitchen counter. Stars like Jessica Alba, Katie Couric, Ingrid Andress, Tinx, and fashion designer Cynthia Rowley, all love the brand. As the fashionista’s drink of choice, 21 Seeds is a woman-led tequila brand hails from San Francisco.

They recently partnered with TV personality and jewelry designer Kristin Cavallari, who hosted one of their star-studded events in Los Angeles for their tequila recipe cookbook launch, and Kat Hantas, the co-founder of the brand, says they’re turning to the fashion world for exposure because 80% of their clientele is female. “We go where women are, and women are in fashion,” she said. “We’re doing more store opening parties and VIP fashion week events than ever.”

Hantas has worked alongside luxury brand Veronica Beard, serving up drinks for their Los Angeles store opening, and have partnered with fashion brand Love Shack Fancy for parties, too. The brand is huge fans of stylish Brazil fashion brand, Farm Rio, and have co-hosted magazine launches with Hamptons-based magazine, Social Life. Influencer Andrew Warren was on the cover with 21 Seeds.

Her brand has been disrupting the spirits industry since 21 Seeds was first founded in 2019 with her sister Nicole Emanuel and friend Sarika Singh. “Women-led fashion brands love the fact we are female-founded,” said Hantas. “We are focused on what fashion-forward women want to be drinking—which is drinking light and clean, not with too much sugar, nothing heavy.”

Fashion played a key role in putting together the brand design. “Most tequilas are being marketed like scotch and whisky to a male consumer,” she said. “We’re a breath of fresh air, on purpose.”

“We wanted to bring a fun, bright and beautiful bottle to your home bar,” she adds. “We wanted to stand out.”

Design-wise, the main inspiration for 21 Seeds tequila bottles were perfume bottles, says Hantas. “We were inspired by perfume bottles, from Chanel No. 5 to the more decorative, vintage perfume bottles from 19th century France with atomizers and tassels,” she said.

As we celebrate women’s month, the best part of raising up a glass is honoring the strength of women together. It makes sense their hashtag is #GirlsCallTheShots, as in tequila shots in life. And sometimes shots, but more often a haute cocktail.

“We want women to crack open one of our bottles, gather with their girlfriends, and share their stories,” she said.

The company is not only female-founded but works with a family-owned and predominantly female-run distillery out of Mexico to make their tequila, too. “It’s about the experience that women have with their girlfriends, whether it’s celebrating a girl’s night out, a girl’s trip, or even celebrating with herself at the end of a long day,” said Hantas.

“But most importantly, we want to celebrate with each other,” she said. “It’s about a sisterhood that supports each other’s wins, and what better place to do that than in fashion?”


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