Deep Render Says Its AI Video Compression Tech Will ‘Save the Internet’

Deep Render is a startup aiming AI smarts at the decades-old computer problem of compression. It has developed AI-only video compression technology that is already claimed to offer 5x smaller video file sizes, with sights set on up to 50x improvements. The firm has recently been embraced by the Intel Ignite startup acceleration program, which precipitated the video presentation below.

As an older computer enthusiast, I have experience with file and disk compression dating back to the 8- and 16-bit eras. Nowadays, the most useful compression algorithms make video files smaller while maintaining high-quality imagery and audio. As the Intel Ignite participant clip above notes, transferring video data is a huge problem for the internet’s infrastructure. Moreover, data-hungry, high-quality, fast frame rate, high-resolution videos and streams are increasingly popular.

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