Best Picks favourites for April: The top products in beauty and fashion we’re loving this month

We’re already mid-way through the season of autumn and I’ve been testing and trialling a full suite of fashion and beauty goodies to bring you my favourite winter warmers in time for the cooler drop in temperatures.

Whether it’s fragrances I’ve spritzed on or cream makeup products I’ve been using to speed up my application process in the morning before work, I’ve made a couple of excellent discoveries in the month of April.

Between Easter and the Anzac Day weekend, there has been plenty of time out of the office and at home so I’ve been relying on robot vacuums more so than ever to keep our apartment clean.

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And with Mother’s Day around the corner, consider this a well researched guide for gifts if you’re struggling for ideas.

Without further ado, here’s my April favourites.

1. Charlotte Tilbury fragrances, $265 each

Charlotte Tilbury fragrances. Credit: Charlotte Tilbury

The queen of all things beauty, Charlotte Tilbury has delved into a revolutionary new space for the team: Fragrances.

She’s releasing six scents powered by “emotion-boosting molecules” that are backed by neuroscience and 40 years of research.

Best Picks had an opportunity to trial all six of the fragrances dubbed Love, Energy, Serenity, Seduction, Empowerment and Happiness.

Charlotte recommends spritzing on whichever scent you’re in the mood for to help boost that feeling internally.

From the fragrance notes alone my favourite was Magic Energy, which has notes of earthy myrtle oil, energising marine essence and sweet jasmine.

You can currently purchase the fragrances on Charlotte Tilbury’s app.

2. Fern Olive Silky Satin Long Chemise from Gingerlilly Sleepwear, $119.95

Fern Olive Silky Satin Long Chemise. Credit: Gingerlilly Sleepwear

There is nothing more luxurious than popping on elegant sleepwear to swan around your house in and Gingerlilly Sleepwear fits the bill.

The Satin Long Chemise comes in three different colours — olive, black and ivory — but the khaki green is standing out to me the most.

The brand has everything from robes, nighties, slippers and soft cotton pyjama sets in a range of prints, with plenty of offer for Mother’s Day.

To shop the full range, head to Gingerlilly Sleepwear’s website.

3. Nudestix Nude Beach Eye Palette (Limited Edition), $120 from Sephora

Nudestix Nude Beach Eye Palette. Credit: Sephora

For anyone not yet well versed in the Nudestix phenomenon, the brand saw incredible success after Sophia Richie Grainge wore the blush shade “Picante” on her wedding day in France.

I’ve now played around with quite a few of the All Over face sticks and found them to be the perfect antidote for when you’re wanting a quick makeup look as you’re racing out the door of a morning.

But one of my favourite products is actually the selection of eyeshadow sticks, which you can pick up in a pack from Sephora.

The colours are incredibly vibrant and they blend like butter, allowing you to build up or thin out the colour as you go.

To shop the full range of products head to Sephora here.

4. Ecovacs DEEBOT N10 Plus Robot Vacuum, $778 from The Good Guys

Ecovacs DEEBOT N10 Plus Robot Vacuum. Credit: Ecovacs

If you weren’t a fan of robot vacuums before, allow me to outline exactly why they’re a key part of my cleaning ritual.

Being able to “set and forget” a gadget that discreetly slides around your house gobbling up dust and dirt is so freeing, and gives you back that precious time you would normally spend vacuuming yourself.

We often put our robot vacuum on and then leave the house so it can clean without anyone in the way, and when we return an hour later everything is clean.

Just be mindful of shoelaces that might get caught in the mouth of said robot… it’s best to give it a wide berth to navigate in.

Ecovacs is currently offering a 20 per cent off sale on home robotics so it’s the perfect time to get initiated.

To view the DEEBOT while it’s on sale, head to The Good Guys here.

5. Magnolia Gold Necklace at Arms of Eve, $89

Magnolia Gold Necklace at Arms of Eve. Credit: Arms of Eve

Arms of Eve has just launched its latest collection, Gaia, in the lead up to Mother’s Day with a range of gorgeous water resistant gold jewellery on offer.

One of my favourite pieces from the range is the Magnolia Gold Necklace, which has a longer chain and sun-like motif at the base of it, making it perfect to remember the summer months as we move into winter.

As always, the quality is absolutely top notch at Arms of Eve with each bracelet, necklace and ring meticulously designed for the modern woman.

I have had no issues with fading either though I wear my AOE pieces day in, day out, in the shower and at the beach.

To shop the new range, head to the website here.

6. Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Dewy Liquid Blush Mini, $27 at Sephora

Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Dewy Liquid Blush Mini. Credit: Sephora

There probably aren’t many people left in Australia that haven’t tried Rare Beauty’s iconic Soft Pinch blushes but the refrain of “they’re VERY pigmented” remains true.

I’m actually not sure it’s possible to ever finish a full-sized tube of the blushes so when I saw Sephora had released the minis I was excited.

You can get six different shades — of which there is broad scope in colour — for just $27 and know that there is a small chance you might actually be able to finish the tube. Possibly.

Otherwise you’ve just got yourself an epic travel-sized beauty product for your next trip.

7. Bondi Sands Technocolor Self Tanning Face Serums, $24.95

Bondi Sands Technocolor Self Tanning Face Serums. Credit: Instagram

The Technocolor Self Tan launched in 2023 by Bondi Sands took the world — and social media — by storm.

It provides a custom tanning experience by tailoring formulas and the active ingredients within them to cater to all skin tones, ensuring you’ll never end up looking orange or a touch too green after applying.

Off the back of the self tan’s success Bondi Sands has struck gold again and launched the Technocolor Self Tanning Face Serums with a more face focused formula.

Each shade blends vitamin C to help brighten the skin, chamomile to help soothe and “Dermachromatic Colour Technology” that combines optimum levels of self tanning actives, electrolyte hydration and colour enhancers for your unique skin tone.

It only launched on Monday so a bottle has not yet landed in my lap but I can’t wait to see how to compares to Bondi Sands’ other tanning products that we know and love.


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