Bad Boss? New Job Research Shows Which Sectors Are The Worst Employers

Computer systems technology, including information technology and communications, has some of the worst employers. That’s according to a new survey, based on data from Glassdoor, where tech jobs took a pounding. The research looked at data for over 1.3 million companies – and the tech sector showed up near the bottom of the list for bad bosses, based on reviews of employers. That’s according to the report commissioned by AI résumé specialists, ResumeBlaze. While some sectors have worse bosses than others, some states report a low proportion of top-rated employers. For example, West Virginia has the fewest top-rated employers by proportion, based on the survey. What sectors should you avoid – and what can you do to make sure you don’t make a wrong move in your career?

According to the US Chamber of Commerce, the United States has 9.8 million job openings and 5.9 million unemployed workers. That means that even if all of those roles were filled with the existing talent pool, there would still be four million vacant positions. So, employers can afford to be choosy when it comes to job opportunities. With the current unemployment rate hovering near a 54-year low, at 3.8%, you may think that you just have to take what you can get. But what about finding what you want?

List of Worst Employers, According to Glassdoor

Information technology showed up as the second-worst sector, based on Glassdoor reviews – only 12% of employers in fields like computer systems technology and IT were rated at least 4.5 stars.

Here’s the full list, by sector, starting with the lowest rankings with the proportion of companies rated 4.5 Stars +:

  1. Military and Protective Services – 5.1%
  2. Information Technology (IT) – 12.2%
  3. Customer Service and Support – 12.8%
  4. Operations – 12.8%
  5. Research and Science – 13.2%
  6. Human Resources – 13.5%
  7. Finance and Accounting – 13.9%
  8. Product and Project Management – 14.5%
  9. Consulting – 15.1%
  10. Administrative – 15.2%

In contrast. legal was recognized as the sector with the best employers, with a rating that was 311% higher than military and protective services.

Making the Right Job Choice, for You

As the saying goes, there are lies, damn lies, and statistics. Could there be folks who are incredibly satisfied, working in military and protective services, in West Virginia? Of course. And if you’re working in information and communications technology, you might have a great boss – and a great employer! Remember, bad bosses can be anywhere. While IT may be second lowest on this list, it might be top of mind for you. So, how do you know what’s the right choice? Sometimes, you have to make a decision – and your effort and dedication (not other reviews) is what makes the decision right.

Your career is a choice. And that choice can change. If you find yourself working in a highly-rated category, like legal, does that mean you will only work with five-star bosses? No, of course not. Each job opportunity is multi-faceted, and no two companies (and no two bosses) are exactly alike. Some places are going to buck the trend, some will reinforce it. In your job search, evaluate every aspect – and every person – on an individual basis. Don’t base your livelihood on generalizations and reviews. You have to look at each opportunity from your own point of view, considering your own skills, tolerance and talents.

Your experience may be very different than the numbers shown above. As they say in the car business, “your mileage may vary”. Ultimately, what makes a career choice right is…you. Your intentions, your desires, and your service. Even in a tight market, the choice rests with you. Accept the stats, or defy them. Either way, work is work – and you will have to put in some effort for any choice you make. The important thing is: reviews are not the whole story. Generalizations don’t always apply to specific situations. So, don’t just base your life choices on a bunch of reviews – especially when it comes to your career.


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