7 Ways to Style Barbiecore Fashion

It’s not a fashion trend–it’s a style license to dress like the very toys that made us fall in love with fashion in the first place. Enter: Barbiecore. From TikTok to the Red Carpet, the fuchsia fantasy is everywhere. Maybe it’s the upcoming Barbie movie featuring Margot Robbie, or the millennial memories of Mattel, but we are pantone pink obsessed. When you’re not dressed in sheer layers this summer, consider these truths and join us:

  1. It’s 2023. Barbie can be whoever we want her to be. Forget the blonde hair mandate or cis heterosexual female assumption. Come one, come all, dolls.
  2. You can dress in hot pink from head-to-toe to channel Barbie, but you don’t have to. Consider layering in a barbie-inspired pop of color, print, or playful nod in a top, accessory, or press-on nail.
  3. This pop culture phenomenon is just as relevant in Malibu as it is on the streets of New York. Regardless of how far you might live from Barbie’s dream house, the pink dress looks just as epic on you.

So, whether you’re in the market for Barbie couture or just a casual cropped corset, bookmark this list of style tips, finds, and full-out looks.

Barbiecore Dresses

Dresses are at the top of the list when you think of Barbiecore. Shades or fuchsia, a playful ruffle, or a sparkling sequin moment– you’ll find them all in the Dreamhouse closet. From red carpet to girls night out, there’s a Barbiecore dress for all occasions.

Barbiecore Tops & Shirts

These tops aren’t just Barbie-inspired, they’re built for Barbie. But, just like when you bought your first Barbie, you become the Creative Director of this look. So, you have our full permission to layer these pieces with your go-to denim, weekend leggings, or mini skirts. The only rule is that there are no rules (and avoid an impromptu haircut).).

Barbiecore Bottoms

When we’re not daring enough to channel the bold all-consuming Barbiecore looks from Kim Kardashian or Lizzo, we’re starting from the bottom up with these pants, shorts, and leggings. We’re just living in our Barbie worlds in these Barbie-inspired bottoms every single day. When in doubt, we style them with unassuming white crop tops and an inordinate amount of accessories.

Barbiecore Accessories

Even the color averse can bring out to the Barbie girl inside with one of these accessories. From fuchsia clutches to neon rings and white-rimmed eyewear, we have you covered (in Barbiecore). While these finds would put the finishing touches on any bold Barbie look, they’d also serve as style statements alongside jeans and a white-t.

Barbiecore Beauty

From bubblegum pink party nails to sky-high lashes, the “Barbiecore beauty” starts here. While you don’t need to look like a Barbie doll to live in this style, it’s a really fun option to try. In this case, skip the trending “no makeup look” on your feeds and consider color again. If you’re going to show up, show off. After all, it’s Barbiecore.

Full-Out Barbiecore Looks

Here are two of our favorite all-out Barbiecore looks:

Look 1 for Barbie:

A two-piece modernizes Barbie far more than a mini dress. Then, Manolo Blahnik meets Mason and Books to level up the whole ensemble.

Look 2 for Barbie:

We love a playful take on a pantsuit. This one gives us another reason to feel like we’re back in our childhood playrooms too. Think: crystals and heart-shaped everything.

Full-Out Ken Looks

Ken was cute long before he was Ryan Gosling. He was the original ambassador of the Barbiecore trend but now he embraces more overt pops of pink in a way that includes and welcomes all identities. Here are a few looks that we love.

Look 1 for Ken: 

These neon prints are paired with pink bottoms and purposeful accessories. The whole vibe seems to jump right off a movie poster and onto the street.

Look 2 for Ken:

This hot pink outerwear mixes classic summer staples with a few vintage throwback statements. It was and will always be about this pink watch.


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