5 Reasons Passpoint (Hotspot 2.0) is an Essential Piece of the Hospitality Tech Stack

5 Reasons Passpoint (Hotspot 2.0) is an Essential Piece of the Hospitality Tech Stack

This article highlights the new WiFi Certified Passpoint® protocol that was introduced as a solution that offers automatic authentication at every access point, delivering a seamless and convenient digital experience for guests. The article explains Passpoint benefits for both hoteliers and guests, including efficiency, convenience, security, and engagement. Passpoint®is recognized as a proven technology used in various travel applications and can be integrated into the hospitality industry to enhance connectivity, drive brand loyalty, and differentiate hotels in a competitive landscape. 

The moment your plane hits the runway and you turn off Airplane Mode, you’re immediately connected to a cellular signal. Similarly, when you walk in the door at home, your device instantly connects to your home Wi-Fi network. In either case, there’s no log-in or re-authentication required. Your device remembers, and it’s a seamless, hassle-free process that we all take for granted.

Yet when it comes to hospitality Wi-Fi, it’s a million little islands. Every connection requires re-authentication (sometimes every 24 hours) that creates friction for the guest, not to mention the disappointment that they’re not remembered as a valued customer. Plus, there’s the persistent risk of cybersecurity threats—bad actors can easily broadcast fake SSID names, baiting guests into accidentally connecting to an insecure network.

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