11 Beauty Small Businesses You Should Know from She’s Next in Fashion, Empowered by Visa

When it comes to skincare, the face often steals all the spotlight. However, there is a new wave of small businesses determined to help you expand your skin care routine and show more love to the skin you’re in. We’re talking skincare from head to toe. Here you will be introduced to a curated collection of women-owned beauty businesses from She’s Next in Fashion, Empowered by Visa.

Visa is committed to helping women entrepreneurs, and their She’s Next in Fashion, Empowered by Visa program helps to unlock economic participation by providing women-owned small businesses with resources to help them thrive. Shop these She’s Next in Fashion, Empowered by Visa small businesses and make a meaningful impact in the fashion and beauty industry.

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Gilded Body

Founded by Blair Armstrong, Gilded Body seeks to embrace the wisdom of ancient bathing rituals that rejuvenate the entire body. The Marble Body Brush and Summer Stone Fruit Body Oil is a must-have combo to exfoliate, moisturize, and rejuvenate skin. 

Explore more products at GildedBody.Com.

Gently Soap

Gently Soap came to life from Kristen Dunning’s battle with eczema and her love for plants, herbs, and science. The Treasures of The Sun Bar is packed with anti-inflammatory properties and is perfect for women with eczema-prone and problem skin. Shop these award-winning face and body soaps at GentlySoap.Com.


Karité is a remarkable skincare line created by three sisters from Ghana named Naana Boakye, Abena Slowe, and Akin Okunseunde. All of Karité’s products are labeled as free from synthetic dyes, silicones, and parabens. So grab a Crème Mains Nourishing Hand Cream to keep in your favorite bag. Find your new favorite products MyKarite.Com

Anne’s Apothecary

Anne Lawoyin created Anne’s Apothecary as a therapeutic outlet after she lost her mother to cancer. Recognizing the lack of affordable clean skincare products, she created a line of her own using all-natural products including cold-pressed herb-infused oils and clays. The Pumpkin Enzymatic Resurfacing Mask is filled with sunflower seed oil, meadowfoam seed oil, and pure pumpkin fruit leaving your skin brightened and renewed. Explore more products from Anne’s Apothecary AnnesApothecary.Com.


Daybird, spearheaded by Whitney McElwain, is a revolutionary anti-beauty beauty movement that challenges societal beauty norms and emphasizes self-acceptance. Introducing a groundbreaking concept, Daybird has pioneered a new category called “skin wear”- a fusion of clean makeup formulas infused with clinically active skincare ingredients. Tinted Skincare is a one-step product that you need to add to your daily routine. Shop the product at Daybird.Co.


Ornami is a game-changing body care brand founded by the visionary Yewande Masi that delivers innovative formulas designed specifically to address stress. The Bestie Combo includes two best-selling products which are the No Scrubs Body Scrub and Let That Mango Body Butter. Shop the selection OrnamiSkincare.Com.

Sincerely, Bädé

Sincerely, Bädé is a wellness brand that goes beyond the traditional self-care routine to cater to the values of conscious consumers. With handcrafted body care products made from natural herbs and botanics be prepared to elevate your day and create your zen. If you suffer from tension in your body, then you need to try the Heroic Antics Recovery Balm. Shop the rest of the collection at SincerelyBädé.Com

Absolute Joi

Absolute Joi was founded by Dr. Anne Beal as a solution to effectively care for the sensitive skin of her daughters. Instead of focusing on reversing or correcting the skin, she created an effective easy-to-use regimen that works and tends to the common sensitivities in skin of color. The Retinol Plus Vitamin C Skin Refining Night Oil is perfect for women who want to lighten dark marks and brighten their skin tone. Shop the regimen at AbsoluteJoi.Com.


Spadét, founded by Annabelle Santos, focuses on helping individuals look and feel their best from the inside out. With Olive glycerin being their secret ingredient to a healthy gut and healthy skin, all of the products include this healing ingredient. From the Beautyfruit to the Olive Soap and Olive Glycerin Conditioner you can’t lose with Spadėt. Check out the rest of the products at Spadet.Com.

The Established

Essence Williams created The Established to find relief from skin condition keratosis pilaris that had plagued her for years. Choose from a variety of cleansing bars, the Elixa Bath and Body Serum, or the FLORES All Day Cream and upgrade your shower routine as you know it. See what bar suits you best at TheeEstablished.Co.

Christina Choi Cosmetics

Christina Choi Cosmetics is a beauty brand designed for the modern, busy woman. With a focus on vibrant pigments, Choi Cosmetics offers long-lasting color. The collection of multi-functional shades and tools complements various skin tones and eye shapes. The BB Cream is perfect for a “no makeup” look! 

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