5 Innovative Food Processing Technologies to Consider in 2021

We all know how unpredictable and turbulent the year 2020 was and can only hope 2021 brings more stability. However, one effect the pandemic has left behind is that people now want better-tasting and healthier foods more than before and you should definitely follow that trend.

Before visiting sites like Collected.Reviews to read, review or locate food stores or before buying food online or offline, you should know the food processing technologies to use to preserve their taste and nutritional value.

Here are 5 innovative food processing technologies to consider in 2021.

1.    High Pressure Food Processing

You are probably looking for a technology that is convenient, natural and has high nutritional value. High pressure food processing is a non-thermal technique of preserving and also sterilizing food that inactivates certain microorganisms and enzymes in the food. This process is carried out under very high pressure. This technique has an advantage over thermal sterilization and pasteurization as it has a limited effect on covalent bonds leading to the maintenance of the sensory and nutritional characteristics of treated food products. This technique can be used to process liquids and solid foods with high moisture content.

2.            Pulsed Electric Field Processing

Pulsed electric field processing is another efficient non-thermal food processing technique. However, it involves the use of short high voltage pulses. These pulses cause the formation of pores in plants, animals and microbe cells leading to cell disintegration and thus microbial inactivation. This technology also has a major advantage to provide high-quality foods to you because it reduces detrimental changes in food taste, quality and nutrition. It can also be used to process liquid, semi-solid and solid foods.

3.            Cool Plasma Processing

Cold plasma is also a non-thermal food processing technology that you can use to inactivate contaminating microbes on food products like meats, poultry, vegetables and fruits among others. This method uses the discharge of an ionized gas, which releases charged particles that interact with microbes leading to their destruction. This technology is relatively simple and an energy saver which you can easily use for your temperature-sensitive food products.

4.            Infrared Processing

Infrared processing is yet another food processing technology you should put into consideration. This technology utilizes infrared radiation from an electromagnetic spectrum to penetrate food products resulting in a reduction of microbial activities. The advantages of using this technique are that it requires no heating medium, reduces the usage of water and chemicals, high heat delivery rate and an improved energy and processing rate while delivering high quality and safe processed foods at the same time.

5.            Ultrasound and Megasonics Processing

This is yet another technology that has received a great deal of interest due to its simplicity, green nature and improved final product quality. This technology makes use of ultrasound frequencies to process food products. This results in the activation or deactivation of enzymes and microbial activities to produce high quality and safe foods for you.

The Bottom Line

Irrespective of the food processing technology you choose to use in 2021, you should bear in mind that your safety comes first and you do deserve healthy and tasty foods.