3rd March 2020

Seven Quick Tips On How To Update A Computer Driver

3rd March 2020 | 0 Comments


Keeping drivers up to date is important. However, it’s not always easy to know the best way to do so. Driver updates can make one’s computer run better when everything goes as planned. But at the same time a failed driver update can have severe repercussions. One can prevent the bad while enhancing the good by keeping these seven driver update tips in mind.

1. Use Windows Update when possible

Windows has an operating system update function called Windows Update. Many people assume that it specifically targets the underlying operating system and nothing else. However, in reality Windows Update handles quite a few computer drivers as well. There’s nothing magic about Windows Update. It does come with enough extra safeguards to make it one of the best options though. As such, one should always consider it as a first option when wondering how to update a computer driver.

2. Don’t use generic driver update utilities

One can find quite a few programs which aim to duplicate Windows Updates methods of driver management. One will usually want to avoid those programs. The main reason is that other companies simply don’t have the resources of Microsoft. They simply can’t be expected to deal with the thousands of different company’s drivers when they’re just one medium sized company as well. Where Microsoft is a huge company which actually writes the operating system drivers interface with.

3. Do use company specific update programs

An exception to the update program rules occurs when a company ties programs into their own hardware. For example, some graphics card manufacturers make driver update programs for those cards. It’s usually fine, or even the preferred option, to use a company’s own update system when possible. The reason is similar to why Microsoft is trusted with Windows updates. A … Read the rest